Delivery Information

Open for Vintage deliver to a large number of global locations. All deliveries are handled exclusively by our Logistics Partner DHL.

All delivery is free worldwide. All prices on our site include any customs and duties, so what you see is all you’ll have to pay, regardless of where you or the item you are buying is located in the world.

As part of our commitment to a more sustainable business, all of our delivery and returns are completely carbon neutral. Utilising DHL’s GoGreen shipping initiative, Open for Vintage neutralise any CO2 emissions by investing in recognised carbon protection projects, including biomass, landfill and wind farms.

If you have any further questions on delivery, please contact our Customer Service Team at


Andorra3/4 days
Argentina4/5 days
Australia5/6 days
Austria3/4 days
Bahrain4/5 days
Belgium3/4 days
Bosnia3/4 days
Brazil4/5 days
Bulgaria3/4 days
Canada3/4 days
Channel Islands2/3 days
China4/5 days
Croatia3/4 days
Cyprus4/5 days
Czech Republic3/4 days
Denmark3/4 days
Estonia3/4 days
Finland3/4 days
France3/4 days
Germany3/4 days
Greece5/6 days
HK4/5 days
Hungary3/4 days
Iceland3/4 days
India3/4 days
Indonesia3/4 days
Ireland3/4 days
Israel3/4 days
Italy4/5 days
Japan4/5 days
Jordan3/4 days
Kuwait4/5 days
Latvia4/5 days
Lithuania4/5 days
Luxembourg3/4 days
Malaysia3/4 days
Malta3/4 days
Netherlands3/4 days
New Zealand5/6 days
Nigeria4/5 days
Norway4/5 days
Oman4/5 days
Pakistan4/5 days
Poland3/4 days
Portugal4/5 days
Qatar3/4 days
Romania4/5 days
Saudi Arabia4/5 days
Singapore4/5 days
Slovakia3/4 days
Slovenia3/4 days
South Africa4/5 days
South Korea4/5 days
Spain3/4 days
Sweden3/4 days
Switzerland4/5 days
Thailand4/5 days
Turkey3/4 days
United Kingdom3/4 days
United Arab Emirates3/4 days
USA3/4 days
Vietnam4/5 days


Open for Vintage work to extend the life of exquisitely crafted luxury goods. Our pieces were made to last a lifetime, not a season.

Making a purchase with Ms Vintage Bag means shopping with a low environmental impact, giving our preowned goods a new home via our carbon neutral shipping.

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